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Chestnut Cat Sanctuary FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions at Chestnut Cat Sanctuary in Essex


Can I buy cats from Chestnut Cat Sanctuary?
No, but you can adopt a cat by making a donation. We don't "sell" cats because cats aren't products, and we need to make sure you're the right kind of owner with the right kind of home for the cats we have available.

We also need to make sure the cats you're interested in will suit you and your lifestyle!

Click the links to see how to adopt a single cat or adopt a pair of cats. You can also read about the adoption process, cat care and kitten health.

Do you have kittens for sale?
No, but we sometimes have kittens available for adoption by making a donation. We don't "sell" kittens because kittens aren't products, and we need to make sure you're the right kind of owner with the right kind of home for the kittens we have available. 

Kittens are very demanding. They need lots of care and attention, and playmates! That's one reason why we make sure kittens are adopted in pairs. 

Why not read more about the adoption process, cat care and kitten health

Why is cat rescue important?
We believe all cats and kittens have the right to a happy, healthy and long life. We think our work is important not just because we help find new homes for homeless cats and kittens, but also because we provide valuable services like neutering, vaccinations and microchipping.

These all help to reduce the population of unwanted cats, keep your cats safe and prevent the transmission of diseases.

Why not read more about the cat care, kitten health and what your donations include when you adopt from us.

Why should I adopt a rescue cat from Chestnut Cat Sanctuary?
There are pet shops everywhere selling kittens. There are people selling cats and kittens in the local papers, in shop windows, online and even on posters on lamposts. There's nothing we can do to stop you buying pets this way, except to say that... in truth, they're part of the problem, not the solution. There are too many unwanted cats in the world, and the main reason for that is people not getting their cats neutered.

People who don't get their cats neutered tend to end up with lots of kittens, which they give away or sell. And when kittens are sold through pet shops and private adverts, they tend to become adult cats that don't get neutered... and so the problem continues.

By adopting a rescue cat from Chestnut Cat Sanctuary, you help stop the problem - because we neuter every adult cat that comes to us, and we insist on kittens being neutered too (in fact, your donation pays for it!) You also give a home to a needy animal. And you also get cats and kittens that we've cared for, healthchecked and are confident are suitable for you, your home and your family. It makes sense to adopt a rescue cat!

 I've found a stray cat. What should I do?
The first thing to do is work out whether the cat is actually stray, or just visiting! There is useful adce on

If you think the cat is stray or homeless, and needs rescuing, please read our cat rehoming advice before bringing it in. Always call first! We never have room to take a cat unannounced!

Where is Chestnut Cat Sanctuary?
We're based between Epping and Harlow in Essex. While we will home cats all over the country (even as far afield as Jersey!) we typically find homes for cats in Essex, London and Herts.


For maps, directions, telephone and email details, see our contact us page.

Where do your cats come from?
Roughly speaking: 
  • 100% come to us from their owners, from people who find stray cats or from council animal welfare services

In the event that we don't have space available for a cat that needs rehoming - and if it's an urgent case for a private owner - we can suggest paying for a few days boarding at our cattery (subject to availability) until we have room available to transfer the cat to our rehoming section.

On our single cats and paired cats pages, each animal  has a 4 or 5 digit reference numbers

You can read more about the rehoming process, and what to do if you have a stray or unwanted cat, on our rehoming page.

How can I help look after the cats?
Your donations are vital to support our work - it costs more than £9,000 a month to run Chestnut Cat Sanctuary. Company sponsorship is vital too.

We also need volunteers for fundraising, to foster a cat and kittens, and to help out at our facilities. And you can support us and become part of the Chestnut Cat Family by promoting our website with banners.

Anything you can do will help!


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