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Please note our 2013 rates for adopting cats and kittens, shown below. The donation fee includes neutering, microchipping, 4 weeks free insurance, vet check and vaccinations (excluding leukemia virus).

(over 10 months)

Senior Citizen Cat
(over 10 years)

(under 10 months)

£95 each*

£75 each*

£260 per pair*

Special colours/pedigree: donation may vary   Special colours/pedigree: donation may vary

Your donation includes:

Neutering (at 6 months for kittens)
4 weeks insurance

(average vet cost would be £120 per cat!)

* There may be higher donations for specific cats.
* We normally home kittens (9 weeks to 4 months) in pairs. Kitten season is from May to November.
* We have a no refund policy!
* We accept payment by cash only.

What your donation includes, in detail
As well as day-today care, food, water and heating, each cat is checked by our vet, groomed, given flea and worm treatment and generally pampered and looked after when it arrives. On top of this, your donation also includes the most important services for your new cat or kitten - neutering, vaccination, microchipping, worming, flea control and insurance:  

Neutering is vital. One un-neutered cat can be responsible for 20,000 descendants. In addition, rescues centres are at breaking point with the numbers of unwanted cats and kittens so why bring more into the world? A neutered cat is a healthier cat. Neutered cats live longer and are at less risk of a variety of diseases. By adopting a kitten you agree to complete the neutering process, and it is vital that you do so - not least because kittens can be reclaimed by the RSPCA & by Chestnut Cat Sanctuary if they are not neutered at the right age.  

  • All adult cats will be neutered before they go to a new home. This is performed by our vet in North Weald, We obtain minimal funding for neutering our cats. Neutering a cat costs us around £40-£60.
  • For young kittens, we provide a Neuter Voucher to cover the cost at our vet (and only our vet) at the appropriate age of 6 months.

The microchip is hugely beneficial, and has re-united many owners with their cats. It's a pellet with a bar code that's injected into the fleshy scruff of a cat's neck (though it can move in the body over time). If the cat is ever lost, it can be scanned and Pet Log will notify the owner that the animal has been found. Most rescue Centres and RSPCA Inspectors have a scanner.... but we also believe in the value of a good collar too: one with safety elastic, that allows the collar to pop off if it gets snagged, with a phone number disc attached or "I am microchipped" on the collar.  

  • All adults are microchipped. All kittens are microchipped at 12-15 weeks of age: you have to bring the kitten back to us, and we do it along with their second vaccination
  • The procedure is normally painless, but it can cause a minor protest especially if the cat is tense. Very occasionally we have to abandon the procedure because we don't want the cat to become overly stressed, and will do it a few days later instead.
  • Microchipping is carried out at the Sanctuary, Monday to Friday 10:30am to 1pm or at our Sunday clinic between 2pm and 3pm.


  • All adult cats are vaccinated before homing (against calicivirus, feline rhinotracheitis and feline panleukopenia virus)
  • Kittens do not get rehomed until they have had their first vaccination at 9 weeks and a vet check. They return to the sanctuary for their 2nd vaccination at 12-13 weeks.
  • A kitten's next vaccination booster will be due at YOUR vet a year later, which consists of one vaccination only
  • Vaccinations are carried out at the Sanctuary, Monday to Friday 10.30am to 1pm (excluding Thursdays) or at our Sunday vaccination clinic (by appointment only), 2pm to 3pm.

Each cat or kitten comes with FREE introductory 4 week Pet Plan Insurance policy, which will cover any illness that develops immediately after adoption. After that period we strongly recommend that you take out a full insurance policy (Pet Plan will send you a quotation). Operations and long-term illness later in life can be expensive, and for an average of £8 per month many of your cat's problems can be covered (except pre-existing ones).

How do we set the level of donations?
We rely purely on donations to fund our work at Chestnut Cat Sanctuary. We pay for neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, vet bills, food, litter, heating, lighting, water, rates, rent, communications and equipment costs. We pay staff wages (although many are kind volunteers) and have to cover insurance and advertising. And we're constantly upgrading our facilities to improve the welfare of cats in our care.

In short, it costs a huge amount to run a cat rescue centre of this quality! Each year, we calculate our annual costs and average them out. This gives us an average donation cost per cat. On some cats we lose money. On others we keep a little back. It's all calculated to balance out, so we can continue to provide an invaluable service for homeless cats and kittens and keep improving it each year.  


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