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Our facilities

We're constantly improving our facilities at Chestnut Cat Sanctuary. This helps us improve the care we offer and to handle growing numbers of homeless cats and kittens.

You're very welcome to visit us during opening hours to see the cats we have available for adoption. We're just a short drive away from the M11 and M25, between Epping and Harlow in Essex, and it's a lovely part of the country.

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2009/10 Projects:

So far we have upgraded all of our main pens with durable plastic, making the main area much easier to keep clean and germ-free, and much brighter for the cats and visitors! The cats certainly seem to like it. We have also redecorated and reorganised our main office area to maximise the space for our visitors and staff.

In the mother and baby unit we have laid new flooring to make it easier to clear (and a lot smarter too).  It helps to stop urine spreading from the little ones, and thus helps to prevent infections being passed on. This was completed just in time for the current kitten season.

It is IMPERATIVE we raise some money to cover the drive/car parking area. This is 350' long and although already has a firm base coat, it is getting badly pitted and we need to cover in a part gravel finish. The local Highways Authority are insisting the last part going onto the main High Road is covered in a suitable hard material (such as asphalt), to ensure no debris enters the highway (not that it does!). So this now has priority but can cost anything up to £20,000. However, by part tarmac and mainly part gravel we should be able to do this for less than £10,000. URGENT FUNDS needed. Meanwhile we await whether we have been awarded a Volunteers Grant in which case it may solve the problem. IF YOU KNOW anyone in the road surfacing business that is willing to contribute materials and machinery towards the job we are more than willing to permanently sponsor the company with a plaque on the main drive.

Previous projects

Isolation unit for sick cats and kittens

Isolation unit for sick cats & kittens

In June 2006 we completed a special Isolation Unit for sick cats and kittens.

Also in 2006 we upgraded our original "ready to home" pens with improved exterior insulation (warmer in the winter), larger play areas and raised sleeping quarters.

We also created a 4-pen unit shared between cat boarding and cat rescue giving us extra flexibility to handle peak boarding and rehoming seasons. All pens have windows overlooking the courtyard or gardens and are used for either long term stays, or the complete opposite, i.e. very short term for "reserved" cats waiting the few days before they go onto their new home. This helps keep clear the New Arrivals unit. Used in early 2008 for long term boarding of 2 cats whilst the owners went on to a mission to India, and, throughout Summer 2008 for "Luna", whose owner has had to go into Social Services care for 6 months. These pens give the long term cats plenty of space with up & down windows to look out of!

The "New Arrivals Unit" had glazing fitted in 2006 to give better light, bettter cleaning and improved sneeze barriers.


Mothers and baby cats have their own special unit The shared cat rescue and boarding unit gives us flexibility to care for more cats
Mother & baby unit Shared rescue & boarding unit







We also have two mobile units for temporary housing of kittens, and in September 2007 we were kindly donated a £3,000 incubator unit, by a Hospital which will be wonderful for sick mothers or baby kittens.

Homeless cats and kittens are housed in a special new arrivals unit
Inside the new arrivals unit Kitten holding units








In January 2008 the more vulnerable Mother & Baby unit pens, and the "New Arrivals" unit pens were lined in plastic to give protection against disease. At the same time the "New Arrival" unit pens were modernised to give more room and make them lighter.

Young rescue kittens with mothers are housed in a special pen, refurbished in January 2008 Homeless cats are settled into special new arrivals pens before adoption
Mother & baby pens, refurbished January 2008 New arrivals unit pens, refurbished January 2008









Cats and kittens New arrival Unit

Cat & kitten boarding facilities (cattery) for when you go on holiday

Entrance to Chestnut Cat Sanctuary & Rescue centre. Safely well set back from the main roads in the middle of fields. Cats and kittens have beautiful surroundings!

New Arrivals area Cattery facilities Entrance from Thornwood High Road

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